About the Frantz Fund

The Frantz L. Dantzler friends for life fund, inc., is a charity in St. Joseph County, Ind., that works with veterinary clinics to help needy people provide basic care to their pets. Pets are not luxuries. They are companions and beloved family members whose health maintenance and wellness care can be unaffordable to many people. The Frantz Fund helps qualified clients by paying up to 80 percent of the cost of basic veterinary care. All gifts to The Frantz Fund are tax deductible.

What We Are

Frantz L. Dantzler spent 43 years working on behalf of animals for the Humane Society of the United States, the last 21 of them based in South Bend, Indiana.

During his far-flung investigations, Frantz witnessed many cases of animal abuse and exploitation. But he also saw caring people who put their pets’ needs ahead of their own.

After Frantz’s death in 2005, his family and friends founded the Frantz L. Dantzler Friends for Life Fund, Inc. Our purpose is to honor the life of this dedicated man by extending his legacy of compassion to needy people and their pets.

What We Do


>> Rabies inoculation
>> DHLPP Vaccination
>> Spay or neuter surgery
>> Emergency euthanasia

How It Works

Clients who meet low-income guidelines may apply for services at one of our participating St. Joseph County vets.

The Fund offers up to $200 in assistance per year for each pet, with a limit of three pets per client. To receive inoculation services, pets must be spayed or neutered. The Pet Refuge ABC Clinic in South Bend is the preferred provider of spay-neuter services.

Board of Directors

Gayle Dantzler, President
James Wensits, Vice President
Will Allen, Treasurer
Kathleen Borlik, Secretary
Aaron Zubler
Linda Candler
Rosalie Allen
Carol Schaal
Kathy Jonas
John Voorde
Mikki Dobski Shidler
Jack Colwell
Richard Kilgore
Becky Kaiser
Mariah Covey, DVM, Advisory
and Ruth Linster, Advisory

Frantz Dantzler and Apollo

"Mercy to animals means mercy to mankind."
- Henry Bergh (1811-1888), Founder of ASPCA

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